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Sharon Audubon Center, Sharon, CT
Princess the Crow lives inside at the Sharon Audubon Center. Her nest was in a tree that was cut down and she was found and raised by humans. She thinks she’s human and if let out, she’ll land on people, which can freak them out. So, she lives at the Audubon Center in glass house. They let her out before people arrive. When visitors come by her room, she bobs up and down with excitedment. We tried to tour the patsh and see the many other many birds who live here, but it was way too cold.

Where to See Neat Animals in the Northeast

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Punxsutawney, Pa. Groundhog Zoo
Groundhog Day is Punxsutawney’s day in the spotlight. But you can visit the groundhogs in their long off season at the Groundhog Zoo on Punxsy’s Barclay Square.
In the winter Punsxsutaney Phil and Phyllis usually just sleep. But you can spy them in their groundfloor, windowed ‘zoo’ thats attached to the library on the pretty town square. (Occassionaly the groundhogs have escaped into the library)
Groundhog statues are easy to come by. Here’s a story I wrote about visiting the place in the Washiington Post yesterday.
Where to See Neat Animals in the Northeast

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